Photo By D J Norton


Milk & Bread Van, B'Water - 23/5/63

Milk and bread van Bridgwater
What a lovely scene!  The old horse drawn milk and bread van belonged to M. J. Snow of nearby Dunwear.

The shops on the left are Dot's Cafe and a florists.  I couldn't work out where this had been taken but Nick was good enough to get in touch to tell me it was on the northern side of St John Street between Edward Street and Polden Street.  He was also kind enough to provide this modern view.

Old Bridge, B'Water - 23/5/63

Old bridge Bridgwater
This is a nice north-western view of Binford Place and West Quay taken from the side of the River Parrett close to Salmon Parade.  This view is little changed today.  Note to the right of the old bridge is a small brick building visible in the picture below.

New Bridge, B'Water - 23/5/63

New bridge Bridgwater
Looking back to the site of the picture above, the small brick building is now identifiable as a gents toilet, no doubt discharging directly into the river...  Note the extensive cycle racks at the bottom left - obviously this was a popular spot for cyclists back in the 1960's!

The new bridge to carry the busy A38 and A39 roads is clear in the centre of the picture.