Photo By D J Norton


(Chichester Cross - 29/4/65)

Chichester Cross
This was one of the last slides my father took so was unlabelled and undated.  However, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a chap called Daniel who lived in Chichester.  Inspired by my past and present pictures of Birmingham, he had gone and done the same for Chichester to add to his town history.  As I looked at his fantastic transition images, the one of South Street showed the cross and I now knew where it was!  The clue for the date came from a black and white print of Chichester Station that was also in the collection.

I'm pretty sure the picture was taken from West Street looking east as it appears that the street sign on the far right says South Street.  It's now hard to believe that roads ran so close to the cross as the area is now (very sensibly) pedestrianised.

There is some history of the cross on Wikipedia.