Photo By D J Norton


Precinct, Coventry - 14/5/63

Precint, Coventry
Coventry, as most people surely know well, was extensively destroyed during the blitz of World War 2.  The post-war reaction was a major redesign of the city centre and the construction of one of the first pedestrian precincts in the UK.  There is some excellent information on the Historic Coventry site.

My father's visit in May 1963 suggests a rather late spring as the blossom you might expect to see in mid April is in full bloom.  Also, the people are still wrapped up in their overcoats!

I can only make out a couple of shops.  The sign on the far left is for Marks and Spencer.  In the gloom to the far right is Jays.

I have many happy memories of wandering around the precinct when I attended Coventry Poly back in the 1980's!

(People, Coventry Precinct) - 14/5/63

People, Coventry precinct 1963
I thought I'd provide a couple of close-up pictures of the people.  This one is from the centre of the main picture.

(People, Coventry Precinct) - 14/5/63

People, Coventry precinct 1963
And this one is from the right hand side.  The lady with the pram and child behind is outside Jays.