Photo By D J Norton


Signpost, Highbridge - 23/5/63

Signpost Highbridge
This picture of a signpost at Highbridge in Somerset was taken looking towards the junction of Church Street (heading off to the left) and Market Street (to the right).  My father was in Highbridge taking photographs at the nearby railway stations and uppermost sign points the way to, "Highbridge East and West Stations".  Being an LMS fan it was the old Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway station that was of most interest to him.  Also, the junction of the S&DJR line with the ex-GWR line made for a great photograph.

The clock upon which the signs for the A38 to Bristol and Bridgwater, the B3139 to Burnham and Wells and the station and public conveniences in Market Street are mounted on has sadly disappeared over the years.  Can any local tell us if it was moved or simply scrapped?

From left to right we can see the George Hotel (which is still in business today), a newsagent and tobacconist, the Highbridge Bacon Company Ltd. and J. Bibby and Sons Ltd. (business unknown).

As a child I think I may have passed through Highbridge a fair few times.  Although our family holidays in Devon normally involved a journey on the train, I would sometimes join my uncle and aunt who had a car.  The M5 from Bristol to Exeter was built between 1967 and 1977 and I certainly recall being stuck in a few jams on the old A38 before it was completed!

I'm indebted to Lee who provided this picture of the site today.  All the buildings survive, the junction has been replaced by a roundabout and the council have installed a replacement clock nearby.