Photo By D J Norton


After my family moved to Ledbury in June 1963, my father continued to persue his interest in photography so it's not surprising that there are a small number of shots taken around the town in the collection.  Unlike his pictures of Birmingham, they do not reveal dramatic change.  Instead, they just show the gentle progress of time in a country town…

I try and visit Ledbury every couple of years as we still have family friends there even after all these years.  Also, my father is buried in the town cemetery.  Above all it's a lovely town that I would heartily recommend to anyone who wants to visit somewhere filled with the character and charm of yesteryear!

Ledbury Past and Present
My father's photographs from the early 1960's side by side with my modern views
Ledbury in Colour
Colour slides from the early 1960's
Ledbury by Night
Artistic and atmospheric black and white pictures from 1964