Photo By D J Norton


For more pictures of Liverpool taken by my father, see the Liverpool Overhead Railway, Liverpool Lime Street Station and Trams Outside Birmingham pages.

Tunnel Entrance, L'Pool - 10/4/55

Tunnel entrance, Liverpool
Taken while in Liverpool to photograph the overhead railway system, this picture shows the Queensway Tunnel entrance close to St John's Gardens.

Mersey Tunnel - 26/6/60

Mersey Tunnel
Five years later and he's back in the city for a trip to the Isle of Man.  I wonder why he decided to take an almost identical scene to the one above?  Well, at least it shows how little this area of the city changed in the latter half of 1950's!

To the left of the tunnel entrance are Gilroys, Hessy's (TV and radio) and Yates's Wine Lodge.  To the right are two pubs, one selling Higson's Ales and the other selling Walkers Ales.

Note the Land Rover seen in both views.  I suspect that this belonged to the Mersey Tunnels Police.